Jonathan McIntosh

Atelier de l'insolite

Objets Insolites

I have been managing the production of a wide range of specialised elements for over 25 years in workshops in Toulouse and Paris.

  • 27 years of experience in the manufacture of sets and museum fittings.
  • 15 years of experience in managing film set construction teams, project management and project management assistance for the realisation of projects for the development of museographic spaces, exhibitions, etc.
  • 20 years of experience in the design and production of museum displays.

Means :

  • Use of computer tools for project management. Specific tools for calculating and analysing the production and manufacturing process have been developed using spreadsheets.
  • Modelling of sets, fittings and models in 3D on Sketchup pro, allowing the use of modern manufacturing methods - 2D and 3D digital cutting, 3D printing.
  • Programming of Arduino microcontrollers in C+ language.
  • 2D image processing on Illustrator.
Whether it's big or small, it has to be INSOLITE!


is a structure created in 2013 and is governed by the House of Artists. This is the creative part of my activity. Objets Insolites can provide the creation of scenographies, artistic works, sculptures and the creation of interactive objects like manipes.


is a structure created in 2018. It is a SASU (simplified joint stock company) and I am the president of the company. This structure is a workshop for the production of all types of creations - scenographies, objects, sculptures, furniture, prototypes, models, robots, works of art, etc. Atelier de l'Insolite is the logical extension of my activities to ensure the realization of the projects undertaken for my clients.